Benjamin David

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Code Editor

Code Editor - A free script editor for unity 3d

   One day while scripting in unrealscript with Unreal X Editor for UDK, I was pretty much impressed by the way it works and compiles UDK scripts right from the editor. I felt it is missing in Unity 3D. So,  I thought why not create another script editor for Unity 3D Game Engine and make it more powerful in the later updates. The result is the Code Editor.I'm having trouble updating this because of lack of time. But, I'll update it eventually.

More info below...

Syntax coloring of unity keywords

Syntax coloring provides highlighting of unity 3d keywords in the editor for easy visual appearance.

Instant Scripting help

Find instant help of the unity components and keywords right from the editor either from the menu or throught context menu.

Auto completion of unity keywords with a key

As they say Auto completion is a coder's best friend so It's an essential in a script editor. Easily access the auto completion of unity keywords
with Ctrl + Space.

Unity Editor integration.

Easily open a new instance of unity 3D, Create new unity project, Open an existing unity project right from the editor.

Available 6 Themes to change the appearance

There are totally 6 different Microsoft Office's Themes to apply and change the appearance of the editor.

Console Programming...

Create console programs in C#, Build and Run directly within Code Editor

Minimum requirements for Code Editor (Windows)

  • Windows XP/ Vista / 7 / 8 x86 or x64.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 redistributable package
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 850 MB Disk space
  • RAM 512 MB

Available for beta testing.

This is only in beta stage. May contain bugs or need improvement for the current version of Unity. It's to be updated soon. You can feel free to comment about this Code Editor. It would help me to keep the editor updated. Thanks.
A little donation from you would be great and It would really encourage me to keep this updated.
Changes updated in versions
Update 1 : beta released supporting Windows x86 OS.
Update 2 : x64 support added.
feel free to contact me if any help is needed.. I can support through mail or some other medium. Thank you.