Benjamin David

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Unity Toolbar v1.3


UnityToolbar provides an easy to use and efficient toolbar which provides easy access to all the functions of the Unity Game Engine. You can easily speed up your workflow with this Toolbar.

Unity Toolbar is a Unity Editor panel that improves the workflow within the Unity Editor. Unity Toolbargives you more functionality in Unity including navigation and building navigation meshes.You no longer need to use the standard menus and sub-menus, use the Unity Toolbar buttons instead! Add standard primitives, lights, camera, rigidbodies, colliders, bake lightmapping all throuh the click of a button!

If you want any objects in your scene then just navigate to Window->Unity Toolbar and just click the button. Your scene will be ready the way you want! You can customize the toolbar and minimize unused features.

Note :- In Unity Toolbar only the Unity Pro’s features are disabled. Others functions are common to both the Toolbar versions.


Added Icons.

Grouped by type.

Added functionalities.

Grouped for customizing.

Fixed bugs.