Benjamin David

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UnityToolbar Pro

UnityToolbar Pro v1.3


Unity Toolbar Pro is a Unity Editor panel that improves the workflow within the Unity Editor. Unity Toolbar Pro gives you more functionality in Unity including navigation and building navigation meshes. UnityToolbar Pro is an advanced version of Unity Toolbar. You no longer need to use the standard menus and sub-menus, use the Unity Toolbar buttons instead! Adding GameObject's and components to your scenes is much quicker, add standard primitives, lights, camera, rigidbodies, colliders, create navigation graphs , bake lightmapping all throuh the click of a button!

If you want any objects in your scene then just navigate to Window->Unity Toolbar Pro and just click the button. Your scene will be ready the way you want! Buy it and speed up your workflow now!
Now you can customize the toolbar and minimize unused features when not needed and you can keep upto 5 gameobjects in the toolbar and place them where you want just like any other Primitives.

Added Icons
Grouped by their types.
Provided easy workflow.
Fixed Bugs ..